An Extraordinary Event

In May and June of 2006, a group of master stone carvers from around the world and Minnesota will gather in Saint Paul to create stone sculptures in a 7,000 – 10,000 square foot open-air studio.

This unique event will shine a public spotlight on the art of creating stone sculptures. An open-air studio on the lawn of St. Paul College, located at Kellogg Boulevard and Sumitt Avenue, will give passers-by and visitors an opportunity to witness the creativity and discipline involved in creating a work of art. Thousands of Minnesotans will pass by the site on a daily basis. The very nature of this event will generate extensive media coverage, which will encourage the curious and interested to visit the site during the six weeks of the symposium. Plans are underway to document the symposium for broadcast.

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Where in the world do artists call home?
Artists representing Japan, Germany, Mexico, China, Zimbabwe, Finland, and Egypt will take part in this event along with six stone sculptors from Minnesota. Each artist will work with a block of stone from a Minnesota quarry. At the end of the symposium, the artists will have created about thirteen works of art for placement in public places in Saint Anthony Village and throughout Saint Paul.

Minnesota Stone
Minnesota holds some of the earth’s oldest and most valuable stone. Morton gneiss, from the southwest corner of the state is 3.5 billion years old. Younger granite can be found around St. Cloud, while limestone and dolomite is found around Mankato and in the Mississippi River Valley. Whatever the age, whatever the origin, Minnesota stone is sought after for buildings and art around the world and in our own cities.

A Singular Opportunity
Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses and organizations that wish to contribute to the success of this event. Six weeks of intense public interest in a large work site, together with opening and closing ceremonies, an exhibition catalogue, and brochures, maps, and a website, are among numerous opportunities to position your company as a sponsor of an international event.

Sponsorships are available at several levels, and can take the form of financial support or in-kind goods and services, such as stone, supplies, tools, equipment, transportation, meals, and lodging. If you have an interest in becoming a sponsor of the 2005 International Stone Symposium, call Linda Michel at 651-696-0711.

Learning, Creating, Educating
The International Stone Carving Symposium will bridge cultures through the creation of art as artists have a chance to watch and learn from other invited artists. Citizens of Saint Paul and its sister cities will expand their knowledge of geology and stone resources in Minnesota and other countries.

Presented by Public Art Saint Paul in collaboration with the Stone Industry of Minnesota and the Sister Cities of Saint Paul and other Minnesota communities. Initial program funding has been provided by Minnesota Ceramic tile and Allied Trades.

For further details about Minnesota Rocks!, including calendars, press, and more, go to

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